Beck’s Commandments.

I tried to write a song but that really isn’t my place. I’m a instrumentalist, not a lyricist.


I am an Anarchist. I believe that there is no set of rules that is right for all. One man’s atrocity is another man’s tradition. So, I will only describe to you my perfect set of rules, my commandments, that would fit for me and my kind. 


Commandment One: Anything can be bought and sold.

Commandment Two: Do not expect the to live off the kindness of others.

Commandment Three: If you want money, expect to give something in return. There are no one-way deals.

Commandment Four: There are few win-win situations.

Commandment Five: Always treat others with respect, for anybody at any time could become your superior.

Commandment Six: If you want to get noticed, go with the unlikely, crazy idea.

Commandment Seven: The world is bigger than you most likely ever will be, but why shouldn’t you at least try to be bigger?

6 thoughts on “Beck’s Commandments.

  1. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a song…anyway.

    It’s funny how good of friends we are, but our commandments are so very different. They definitely seem a lot like you, and they are far more realistic than mine will ever be.

    But still. If humans weren’t actually human, mine would work, and these would be…I don’t know how they’d be looked at. Whatever the case, my perfect world won’t happen, at least not in our lifetimes.

  2. I really like your commandments…
    They make alot of sense to the way you think. I can see where your coming from too. I have a perfect world, I didn’t mention it in any writing. But in my perfect world, these rules would go nicely along with it.
    Great job. 🙂

  3. These almost seem more like proverbs, or pieces of advice, rather than commandments.

    “Anything can be bought and sold.” Even people? Even children?

    Length: 4/5
    Conventions: 4/5
    Content: 4/5

  4. I quote Haven:
    We are good friends but my commandments would be very different then yours. You are very much a realist, too. I did agree with a couple, however.
    I always thought Anarchists to be ones that believed rules are for no one. That rules “don’t exist” or shouldn’t.
    I like how you are a strong minded person. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why I am good friends with you.

  5. To Greta:

    People are resources. It may be blunt, but it’s true.

    Say you apply for a teaching position. They are buying your comprehension of, and ability to teach, the English language in hopes that your pupils will take that information with them after they graduate out of your class.

    This also applies to my “No one way deals” commandment. Because you would be teaching for money, they ought to get something out of the business decision, namely good grades out of that class. Otherwise they will toss you out of that school like yesterday’s garbage.

    And as far as “My Presidency” is concerned, I guess it could be allegorical. What do you think it represents?

    To Torvin, Haven and Dawn:

    It’s funny to me that so many people wrote about how their commandments would be things like:

    1: Nobody will kill.

    2: Nobody will lie.

    3: Nobody will hurt puppies or kittens and we’ll all have candy for dinner!

    Etc, etc, etc…

    They say things like “If only people would follows these commandments. The world would be better”.

    Then, they decry their own commandments and say that they won’t work because of Humanity’s flaws.

    Why even contemplate if there is almost a 0% chance of it happening? Why even contemplate if you KNOW the commandments won’t work? It would be like if I sat around all day, contemplating what I would do if my golf clubs turned into stacks of money. It’s not gonna happen. To me, It just seems weird that nobody, even fairly sophisticated people, is willing to give up that whole story-book, perfect world.

    No offense if you did write those commandments. I will admit that I employed a HEAVY amount of hyperbole in this post. It’s just an observation.

    Though I will say that I loved Robert’s Commandements. Those ruled…

  6. I aree, those commandments are ridiculous. But whats wrong with having some fun with thoughts and wishes? You may not see it, but there is entertainment behind people “wanting candy for diner every night” or whatever. There is a good feeling that is conjured when you can imagine and almost experience in your mind what it would be like to be in a relatively flawless world.
    Lets say you had the option of having a life that was full of sexy women who wanted you and the latest, sweetest videos games as well as learning everyday more about the world and being able to experience life without a problem. That would be relatively close to perfect for you, might it not? When you think about something like that, you have that feeling that it would be pretty awesome. And yet it would never happen.
    Like I pointed out, you are way more of a realist. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a realist the same.

    Now, not that I can force you, but I want you take a look at my commandments and give some feedback. Honest feedback, too. 😉 I like to discuss.

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