The Awesome Campaign of 2009. By Luke Awesome The First and Only and Becklin Awesome, Esq.

June, 5, 2009.

(Greta, Luke and I did this project only on my account due to the fact that he has no internet access at home. Please do not dock him deserved points.)

Here is our PPP Proposal:

We call this “The Awesome Campaign” because we want to spread the positive message that all who look upon our propaganda are awesome, no matter who, where or when they are. Many of us today in our on-the-go world just do not have the time to sit down and contemplate just how awesome we really are. We are going to fix that (*cracks knuckles*). Our world today consists of the common man and woman, who struggle day by day just to even find one thing that makes them deserved of the title of “Awesome”. We realize that the fact that they have come as far as they have in 10, 20, or even over 9,000 years of life, makes every day they see the sun rise, an achievement.

We will show them their true awesomeness with various types of propaganda, such as Fear, Name-Calling Reductive Fallacy, etc.

Such tactics have worked swimmingly in other historical contexts, providing a much more negative message (such as hate, war and destruction). We will use these extremely powerful, proven and potent techniques to spread our very simple message: You Are Awesome.

We will execute this plan next week, and we MEAN it.

We will use posters, PhotoShop and THE INTERNETS to spread our message.

This is our Plan. This is our Goal. This is the Future.

This is gonna be AWESOME.




3 thoughts on “The Awesome Campaign of 2009. By Luke Awesome The First and Only and Becklin Awesome, Esq.

  1. I will have to agree with Haven, I’d hate to sound redundant, ut this is an awesome idea. For some reason you just have really good ideas. Hmmmm, I wonder why…
    I know!
    It’s because your awesome!
    Heh, good job beck.
    Keep it up

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