About Becklin W.F. Haston.

I was born on December 31st, 1991 at 3:03AM Easter Standard Time in Columbus, Ohio.

I am an Anarcho-Capitalist that really likes video games and comic books.

I wear the label “Nerd” with pride.

I love the smell of a rainy day.

I want to hug whoever thought bacon was a good idea.

I like hot tubs and beanbag chairs.

I like to use my guitar equipment on my keyboard.

I think that curse words are the best words.

Abstract paintings astound me but abstract words bore me.

I like the sound of loud feedback from a mic.

I cry when I hear minor notes.

I have saved the universe/world/city more times than any superhero has and I did it while sitting on my banana chair.

I have two darts for my dart board.

I am powered by the energy that emanates from the planet Saturn.

I sometimes wish I could put my brain in a robot body.

I have built my own lightsaber.

I have a carefully though out plan if a zombie-apocalypse happens.

I have the cure for AIDS and I am not sharing…

I have a set of golf clubs but I hate golf.

Spiders are my sworn enemies…

I believe that cutting down 100 trees is fine if 1000 get to grow.

I am a Preacher Gone to Texas.

I listen to two radio stations.

Revelations 21:6

I’m on a Boat Mutha F***er Don’t you EVER FORGET!

I can tell time in binary.

I have the launch codes…

I have the chat-logs…

I have a pimp hat.

Only I can prevent forest fires.

I have a plan for when Mt.Rainier erupts.

I’ve got two turntables and a microphone.

Cinnamon is awesome…

4 thoughts on “About Becklin W.F. Haston.

  1. Okay, dude…
    How did I possibly make you look like a pervert?
    It would be a perfectly normal thing to want sexy women from a GUY (or girl, if gay).
    Anyways, having a life full of sexy women that want you is not realistic. It is n.o.t a common thing to happen compared to the population on earth that doesn’t have women dogging their heels.

    Except for me. I’m gorgeous. (jk)
    [You can choose not to have this comment posted if you wish]

  2. AND
    you still need to actually comment on my commandments.

    I should make that number eight on my list.

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